The Doctoral School of Physics, West University of Timisoara

is looking for PhD candidates in September 2021

Candidates interested to prepare a PhD thesis dedicated to microfluidics
applications of discrete Boltzmann models are encouraged to contact
Dr. Victor Sofonea (Curriculum Vitae on Brainmap)

E-mail :

Microscale fluid flow is an active research topic with numerous applications in
vacuum technology, design and fabrication ofv micro- and nano-electromechanical
systems (MEMS), transport through porous media (gas and oil extraction) or
blood flow in capillary vessels. In such cases, as well as in rarefied gases or
high altitude aerodynamics, the fluid is far from equilibrium and the Knudsen
number (defined as the ratio between the mean free path of fluid particles and
the characteristic size of the flow domain) becomes non-negligible. Under these
circumstances, the well-known Navier-Stokes equations of fluid mechanics are
no longer valid and more elaborated models and computer simulation techniques
need to be developed to ensure the accurate investigation of physical phenomena
and technological processes.

The objective of this PhD Project is the investigation of specific flow problems
where the non-negligible value of the Knunden number plays an important role.
Recently developed models based on the Boltzmann equation and Gauss-Hermite
quadratures will be used for computer simulation of the flow problems. Various
types of boundary conditions will be considered (bounce back, diffuse reflection,
Maxwell and Cercignani-Lampis). A particular attention will be given to the
numerical schemes used to solve the evolution equations in the phase space.

Knowledge of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics is a prerequisite for
the PhD candidate. Basic knowledge of Unix systems and computer programming
(C or Fortran) is wishful, but not mandatory for applying. During the PhD project,
the candidate will become acquainted with numerical schemes for hyperbolic
equations, as well as with code programming on high performance parallel
computing techniques including Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). After
successful completion of the thesis, these skills are expected to help the candidate
integrate in scientific or engineering activities in both the academia and the industry.


CURRICULUM VITAE (old version)

Name: Victor Sofonea

Date and place of birth:  January 10, 1956, Deva, Romania

Research expertise
Professional experience
Visiting positions
Scientific publications
Research Projects

   PhD: Department of Physics, University of Bucharest, Romania (1995) 
Thesis: Collective Interactions in Magnetic Fluids
Advisor: Professor Ioan-Iovitz Popescu, Member of the Romanian Academy
   MSc: Department of Physics, West University of Timisoara, Romania (1978)
Dissertation: Applications of Nonlinear Optics
Advisor: Professor Emmerich Hegedus


  • Senior Researcher (since 1997)
    Center for Fundamental and Advanced Technical Research
    Romanian Academy
    Bd. Mihai Viteazul 24
    RO - 300223 Timisoara
    Phone/Fax: + 40 256 19 18 16

Research expertise

  • physical properties of magnetic fluids and composites
  • computer simulation techniques and numerical methods
  • Lattice Boltzmann models for complex fluids
  • parallel computing

Professional experience
    1990-1997 Senior Researcher

    Institute for Complex Fluids
    (formerly Research Center for Hydrodynamics, Cavitation and Magnetic Fluids)
    Polytechnical University of Timisoara

    magneto-optical and microstructural properties of magnetic fluids

    1986-1990 Research Physicist

    Department of Physics, West University of Timisoara

    crystal growth technology and physical properties of crystals

    1981-1986 Researcher

    Institute for Welding and Material Testing, Timisoara

    physics of the welding arc and plasma physics,
    data acquisition and signal processing

    1979-1981 Physicist

    Tehnometal CTC Laboratory, Timisoara

    material testing and quality control

    1978-1979 Physics Teacher
    25th  General School, Timisoara
Visiting positions 


"Aurel Vlaicu" Prize of the Romanian Academy (1999)

with Dr. Klaus R. Mecke (Max Planck Institute for Metal Research, Stuttgart, Germany), for the group of papers entitled

Lattice Boltzmann Morphological Models for Complex Fluids


  • V.Sofonea, K.R.Mecke
    Morphological Characterization of Spinodal Decomposition Kinetics
    European Physical Journal B 8 (1999) 99-112
  • K.R.Mecke, V.Sofonea
    Morphology of Spinodal Decomposition
    Physical Review E 56 (1997) R3761-R3764
  • V.Sofonea
    Two Phase Fluid Subjected to Terrestrial or Space Conditions: a Lattice Boltzmann Study
    International Journal of Modern Physics C - Computers and Physics 7 (1996) 695-704
  • V.Sofonea
    Lattice Boltzmann Approach to Collective Particle Interactions in Magnetic Fluids
    Europhysics Letters 25 (1994) 385-390
Research Projects