Short History

Our University was set up by the Royal Decree No 660, on the 30th of December 1944 and it was called the West University of Timisoara.

At the beginning the University had three faculties: Mathematics, Physics and Philology then, in 1967 was enlarged by adding the faculty of Economical Sciences, and it incorporated in 1968 a 3-year Pedagogical Institute comprising new faculties and departments like: history, geography, chemistry, music, drawing, natural science.

Our faculty was created in 1948, as part of the Pedagogical Institute of Timisoara under the name of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

After the decision to turn the Pedagogical Institute into the University of Timisoara (October 16, 1962), the Faculty of Physics was set up with a theoretical and an experimental physics section.

In 1974 the Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics together with the faculties of Physics, Biology and Physical Education were joined into the new Faculty of Natural Science, functioning  until 1990.

In 1990 the Faculty of Natural Science was divided into the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Physics. Now there are four specialties: Physics, Physics of Materials, Environment Physics and Physics - Chemistry.

The Faculty Structure

The decisions concerning the organisation, the didactical and research programmes, as well as the future development of the faculty are taken by the Academic Staff Council (elected for a 4-year term). The council consists of 20-25 members (15-19 members of the academic staff and 6 students).

The Academic Staff Council elects the Bureau which includes the Dean, Vice-Dean and Scientific Secretary - who put into practice the decisions of the council and solve the current problems of the faculty. The Dean assures the leadership of the faculty between the meetings of the Academic Staff Council.

Dean:   Senior lecturer Dr. Dorina Andru Vanghelii

e-mail: Vice - Dean:    Senior Lecturer Dr. Iosif Malaescu, e-mail: Scientific Secretary:    Lecturer Dr. Madalin Bunoiu e-mail:

The Faculty of Physics has now three departments. Information about these departments (staff, research,
didactical activity, personal pages, etc.) can be found on each of the following links:

Head: Professor Dr. Irina Nicoara Head: Professor Dr. Agneta Balint Head: Professor Dr. Ion Cotaescu

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